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What is the Best Way NOT Pass the PMP Exam?

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What is the Best Way NOT to Pass the PMP Exam?

As a PMP trainer, educator, and project management consultant with over 30 years of experience, I am often asked what the best way is to pass the PMP exam. I decided to be a bit provocative and explore this question in its negative form. What is the best way NOT to pass the PMP exam?

It definitely depends on what type of student and test taker you are. I consider myself very good at taking tests and indeed passed the PMP exam the first time. But in order to do this, you must be prepared. How you prepare is what makes the difference.

#1 Going in Cold

For those who are on a mission not to pass, the best option is to sit for the exam “cold”. That means without reading the PMBOK or studying any additional information available in third party study guides and handouts. A lot of people assume since they are experienced project managers that this is a viable option, and if you goal is not to pass it is the best way to achieve that. It typically leads to leads to failure. Primarily because the test is a unique “beast” that comes in many forms and requires a very different approach to answering the questions than your “common sense” might tell you.

#2 Self Study Option

Let’s face it. Self study is tough and while most people start with good intentions, those quickly fall by the wayside. If you goal is not to pass the exam, this is your second best way to do that. Some people are very good at self study, and can simply read the “book”. The biggest problem with this strategy when it comes to the PMP certification is that only 60% of the exam is based on the “book”, AKA PMBOK, AKA Project Management Body of Knowledge. Not knowing what the other 40% is will ultimately be your downfall.

How do you learn what this other mysterious 40% consists is? One way is to purchase a self study book such as the late Rita Mulchay’s acclaimed and highly recommended and renown book “PMP Exam Prep“.  Ms. Mulchay does an excellent job at providing all of the information and content that you need to pass the exam. However, relying on this type of resource takes a lot of self-discipline and time management to study on your own. For most of us, including me, this is a tall order. So if your goal is not to pass, this is your second best way to achieve that.

PMP Exam Prep Course – The Best Way to Pass the PMP Exam

Enter the exam prep course or “bootcamp”, as it is often affectionately referred to. Attending a course of this type can be just the remedy for those of us who are impatient and also lack the self-discipline to self-study. The benefits of an exam prep course are many and can successfully prepare you to pass the exam on your first try.

I attended such a course to prepare for my exam and passed with flying colors. That’s why I started Graywood, because I personally believe in the effectiveness and value of PMP exam prep courses and stand by our courses as a guaranteed way to prepare you to pass the PMP certification exam. Our courses are fun, interactive, engaging, and are packed with additional knowledge and real-world experience from our actively practicing senior PM instructors from the Washington, DC area.

As you have no doubt discovered, virtually every project management position requires a PMP certification as a minimum requirement. Make 2019 the year you finally get certified and advance your career!

For more information or to register for a course in the Washington, DC area, register today for our PMP Exam Prep Course and take your career to the next level.


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